Vicky Zhou



Vicky Zhou

Pigeon (A Cinquain) 


Away from me

Your sweater still hangs here.    

Clinging white dust fans into feathers.

Feel it.



The two wings

Of my house feel colder.

Did the fixed map in your head fade?

Come home.


VICKY ZHOU is a student at Brown University in the Class of 2018. She is from around Dallas, TX and attended Greenhill School where she honed her writing ability. During sophomore year, she discovered an affinity towards creative writing, started to submit to her school's literary magazine, and had a work acknowledged  by Columbia Scholastic Press Association in its Gold Circle Awards Program. Vicky's favorite literary forms of writing are short stories and poetry. She enjoys sleeping, designing apparel, and pretending to be a procrastinator. Her concentration may be Neuroscience, but who really knows right? She'll probably change in a month. Again. But hopefully not.