Oliver Strand

Two Hands Five Times

A thank you note? A pigment? A hanged person? A wanted poster? A year? 

Soap. Yeast. A father. A zipper. A cloud. 


Water on water? Skin on skin? Water on skin? Skin on metal? Metal on metal? 

Water on metal. Coughing. Whistling. Sneezing. Clapping. 


A hammer? A goose? A beep? Kissing? A person without a face? 

A car without an occupant. A quarter. A door. Metal on skin. A heel and a nose. 


Biting? A battery? Knees? A knuckle? A shadow? 

An outline. A hairline. A measuring tape. A snorkel. The interstate. 


A bowl? A knife? Metal on water? A pancreas? A curtain rod? 

A rectangle. Skin on water. A car alarm. Snapping. Bells.


OLIVER STRAND is an MFA candidate in poetry at Brown University. He received his B.A. in literature from Harvard College, with a thesis on John Cage, Sol LeWit, Wallace Stevens and Barnett Newman. In 2012 he received a Michael C. Rockefeller Fellowship to study as a woodworking apprentice in Kanagawa, Japan. His research interests include chance operations, Scandinavian spoon carving, Appalachian green woodworking, and sea shanties.