The Small Disasters LP

Lindsay Daigle

Release Date: January 9th

This ekphrastic poetry collection, in which each poem is in conversation with a different musical album, reaches and provokes the reader through its deft syntax and moving imagery. 



 "Lindsay Daigle’s debut poetry collection, The Small Disasters LP, delves into the landscape of the melancholic, meditating upon emotional fracture and the difficulty of linguistic expression through the lens of music and the visual arts. Daigle’s verse is utterly original—the mastery evident in its incisive hyperclarity of image and language simply astonishes. Via a chorus of voices, the reader is swept word by word, line by line, through the collection’s lyrical journey. At times elegiac, but ultimately redemptive, this is a book that stuns and dazzles, one that readers will turn to again and again, yielding more with each reading."

- Rebecca Dunham