Claire Angelidou

Δική μου ἠ Σιωπὴ

Δική μου ἠ Σιωπὴ...

Ἠ ἀυγὴ ψελλίζουσα ανάλαφρες συγχορδίες

τοῦ δάσους,

ἐλατοφόρες στιγμές,

γεμᾶτες μυστικὲς φωνὲς

τῆς ελληνίδας γῆς.

Δική μου ἠ Σιωπὴ...

Κι οι μορφὲς τῶν Ἁγίων

μὲ τὰ θλιμμένα βλέμματα

καὶ τὸ ὀστεῶδες πρόσωπο

τῶν Ἀρχαγγέλων.

 Δική μου ἠ Σιωπὴ...

Καὶ τα μικρὰ παιδιὰ

στὸ ἀγροτικὸ θέατρο

κοίταζαν ἐκστατικὰ τὰ δρώμενα

ἀριστοφἀνειου θεάτρου,

φιγούρες τὰ ἴδια,

πίσω ἀπό καλάθια καὶ σκιές,

κι ο Λόγος

περπατοῦσε στο λιθόστρωτο

κι ἀντηχοῦσε

στὴν εκκλησιὰ τοῦ Μονογενῆ

καὶ στὸ βουνὸ τοῦ Ἀφάμη.

Δική μου ἠ Σιωπὴ...

στὰ μονοπάτια τοῦ δάσους τῆς ψυχῆς,

έκεῖ ποὺ η γλῶσσα τοῦ Ὁμήρου

αναδύεται καθημερινὰ


καὶ πορεύεται αλκυὼν

στάκροθαλάσσι τῆς Ἀμμόχωστος.



Δική μου ή Σιωπὴ


Μαργαριτοπλέξουδη μάνα,

Τροοδίτισσα Μάνα,

Φορτωμένη βαρύγδουπη πέτρα


Δική μου πάντα η Σιωπή.

Ἔνας κόσμος μικρός,

σὲ μιὰ νῆσο μεγάλη.

‘Η γῆ μου Κύπρος, 

Κύπριδας υδατογενοῦς Ἀφροδίτης

πνοὴ κι αγέρας καὶ φλόγα


στὴν ἄδεια πολιτεία

η Παναγιὰ αετόθωρη Κυρὰ Ψηλὴ

η Παναγιὰ Κυρὰ Χωστή,

η Ἀχεροποίητη Παναγιὰ

τῆς Τῆνου ή Μάνα,

η χρυσοχέρα μάνα μου,

ποὺ κένταγε δαντέλες

τῆς υπομονῆς

μὲ τρεχαντήρι ἔνα βελόνι,

τῆς Ἅγιας Ζώνης η Παρθένα


Ἕνας κόσμος Μεγάλος

σ´ἔνα τόπο μικρὸ

Δική μου, αλήθεια, ή Σιωπή.


From the poetry collection, “Alianthos”(in Greek, “Αλίανθος»). 

ISBN 9963—7664-3-9







CLAIRE ANGELIDOU (1932-), former minister of Education and a graduate of the School of Philosophy of Athens University, was born in Famagusta in 1932. She is a renowned female figure in Cyprus and an awarded writer and poet. Her literary works include eight poetry collections and two studies. Her poems and articles have been published in the Greek and Cypriot press and are included in various anthologies in Cyprus and Greece. Works by her have been translated into English, French, Italian, Yugoslav, Bugañan. Arabic, Spanish, German, Danish. She has served as a Minister of Education and Culture in Cyprus and as a Member of Parliament. Claire Angelidou is an honorary member of the International Women’s Association and she is also the Honorary President of the Greek Language Association and the Lions Club Arsinoe. Claire Angelidou has been awarded with an honorary PhD by the University of Athens and also by the University of Middlesex, London. Some of her works include The street( 2003), The Mirror of the soul (2010), Αλίανθος (2011)—from which the translated poem ‘Mine is the Silence’—Λιτανεία (2012).

Translation by Christina Metaxa

Mine is the silence.

Mine is the silence…

The sunrise inarticulate, light-hearted harmonies

Of trees

And moments evergreen with voices mystical

of a Hellenic land.

Mine is the silence…

and the silhouettes of Saints

with eyes sorrowful

and mine the figure, osseous, 

Of the Archangelus.

Mine is the silence….

And the toddlers

In the rustic theatre, ecstatic

Witnessing the wonders 

of a theatre, Aristophanean, themselves but figures

hidden in the baskets and in shades and Logos,


Who strutted on the stone-block square 

And echoed

 in the church of Him,

only-begotten son,

And in the village mountaintop, 

The village of Afamis.1

Mine is the silence…

In the trails of spirits forested

there where the speech of Homer comes immaculate,  

and rises with the day, 

and fares unruffled to the stranded sea,  

shore of Ammochostos.




Mine is the silence ….


the Marigolden-braided mother,

Troödan mother2

Laden rock, sonorous rock

of salvage.

Mine always is the silence…

So small the world 

Upon an island grand.

My homeland, Cyprus 

Of the waterborne, Cyprian Aphrodite

Breeze and breath and flame

The passion-empress

In an empty city.

And the blessed Panayia,3

eagle-sighted, grandiose.

The blessed maiden,

watershaded Panayía, 

the miraculous, 


the mother. 

Mother of the island Tinos and of me, 

my mother.



who made of patience, laces  

made of needles, rafts. 




A world so grand

Upon a place so small


Mine truly is the silence,




CHRISTINA METAXA was born Limassol, Cyprus in 1992, and has lived there ever since. In 2009 she published her first storybook in Greek—Φιδάκης ΑμυαλάκηςSnakey NoBrain-key— and is currently working on the completion of a poetry collection as part of her senior thesis. Christina is studying Literary Arts and French Studies at Brown University and likes to think that a choice is never harder than the heart allows.