Christopher Mulrooney


hats made

that could be a hobby

my kingdom for a hobbyhorse

saith the Bard in his garage atelier

a-tinkering at his canon


cherry altar

the high slant views of sunlight streaming

down upon its magnitude of umber hues

are a study in light absorption of volumetrics

dust motes are another field of study appertaining



trains what train what time is it arriving

how many cars as the man said to the Pope

who was fishing in the afternoon just fishing

only fish were involved that includes the spiritual idea

the line of work indicated by the pastime

is well-known to be in the job description

or as the Anglicans say remit and all of that



it prattles to me of many things

like Mary Poppins’ parrot

if the glove fits says our nanny

wear it in jolly good health says she

and if the clouds complain together

she were bold to knit her brows and rumble

like a catamount in the Pyrenees

a lynx a terrible snarling cat

with mysterious eyes and perfectly pointed ears


CHRISTOPHER MULROONEY is the author of symphony (The Moon Publishing & Printing), flotilla (Ood Press), viceroy (Kind of a Hurricane Press), and Grimaldi (Fowlpox Press).