A. Paul Estabrook


The men turn their heads

to see the lies lolling in

deep dry lips,

whimpering this

awful dream to me

while on I slowly 

let it happen. 

Oh, stay here amor. 

I got the most sin. 

See me and inner voices

crying beneath exteriors.

Teach the Will

and look upon each other

well hidden

and layered in the sand.


And I cross th eking

from cool depths.

Our balance is gone.

Oh, darkness is coming,

leaving red like vapor,

in the cold stars of night. 


A. PAUL ESTABROOK is an emerging found poet and visual artist. He considers Aaron Siskind, Tom Phillips, and Brion Gysin to be the greatest influences upon his work and favors the idea of intermedia as conceived by the Fluxus artist, Dick Higgins. More of his work can be found at www.arguspaul.com.